PVI-SH4BK5086 is Non-lead stabilized Black PVC compound with excellent low temperature performance.

  • Oil Resistant, Sun light Resistant, Fire Retardant and anti-termites purpose Grades are available.

  • Note: ALL Colors are available Upon Customer Request.



PVI-SH4BK5086 is designed for General Purpose Black applications with Maximum conductor operating temperature of 90 °C. The compound is a flame retardant material which will pass the flame retardant test as described by IEC60332 part 1.


The following cable material standards are met by PVI-SH4BK5086:

IEC 60502 (ST-2)

BS 7655 – 4.2 (T9)


Physical Properties      





Thermal Properties

Thermal aging in air circulating oven for 7 Days @100 °C ± 2 °C.


Loss of mass in air circulating aging oven for 7 Days at 100 °C±2 °C


The product is packed in Jumbo bags of 1000 kg or 25 Kg Bags.


Keep containers dry and tightly closed to avoid moisture absorption and contamination.

Safety Precautions

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the material.